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Once again it’s happening,
all this love is unrequited
Twice the pain the suffering,
all my love is unrequited
All my love is unrequited
There must mean I’ll live again
And get back what I gave my men
Get back what I lost to them
Oh the shame this crying game
All my love I’ve been denied it
All my love is unrequited

And I know it so well
I could play it by ear
Looking back at myself
While the violin play
This I know is my tomb
Another stitch to my wound
Another inch in this dwell I know it all to well,
When once again it’s happening

All our love has gone divided
All my love is unrequited

Dear brightest night light

Shine comfort on me tonight

Bring peace to my sleep

Keep the darkness from my dreams

Secure this room with your majestic glow

Stand guard outside my window

Because the monsters stir crazy at this hour

I can’t fight them off without your strength and power

As I close my eyes I’ll smile a thank you

Laying my trust with you


The girl in the haunted room


I shouldn’t be scared

I’ve been here before

I’ve memorized these walls

Every crack, every dent

Having flash backs of the time I’ve spent searching for a door

My great escape

My glimpse of light

I wish I had known heartache and pain were waiting on the other side

Now here I am again stuck in my own twilight zone

I shouldn’t be scared

But I’m terrified of dying alone 


Love curses the heart, soul, and mind

Corrupts all that was considered beautiful

A tragedy that leaves the eyes blind

Unguided for one to stumble

An unbearable pain before one grows numb

Tears fall and dry until left with none

Shattering hearts that piece together and freeze in time

Left afraid of the slightest warmth

Scared a fire will bring back the painful blaze inside

Do you hear me? I’m talking to you….

Heard the song (our song) I had set as your ringtone and as I quickly glanced at my phone hoping it was you calling, my eyes welled up. Though I knew it couldn’t have been you….I knew it was just Pandora playing it’s rotation I selected for the day. I changed that ringtone the moment you made me cry…But it still made my heart skip off beat and disturb the butterflies in my stomach the second it played…… I miss you….a lot…<:(>  I wish you would call once more, even if it’s to say you’ll never call again. Just call, I’d pick up this time, I’d be silent and not say a word… I promise you wont hear how much of an asshole you are for pushing me aside… no, I’d be still… I’d just listen and take in the last moment I’d ever hear your voice. Though I’d try to block out the pain from your words…I’d hold on to the sweetness of your voice and remember the words that had once left those lips…words that made me fall so hard for you when all odds warned me not to. I’d latch onto how you made me laugh and how you made me forget my previous heartache. I’ll always remember how happy you made me and how you took the loneliness away by just a simple phone call. Deep down I want to believe you meant every word you said, for my heart’s sake I tell myself it wasn’t all a lie, though I’m smart enough to know better. I want to believe that when you texted me while having a bad day and said that you couldn’t wait to leave and get to me because you knew the only way you’ll be happy again is when you’re in my arms…i want to believe you meant it when you said you were pissed at God for waiting so long on bringing us together because you knew I was your soul mate, I was the one who would be your wife and make you happy and have your kids…. I wanna believe that you’re still holding onto that one way plane ticket and on May 5th the door bell will ring and it’ll be you standing there when I open the door. Wishful thinking I know but it would make a perfect ending to the romantic comedy they’re supposed to make about our Epic relationship. And a big part of me wishes you were reading this right now….an even bigger part of me wishes you read this and call me to tell me how sorry you are and how you want it all to go back to how it was when i’d see your face pop up on my phone with our song playing at least 8 times a day…back when you would call just to say how you were thinking of me…… I miss that, I miss you.
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